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Don’t let the next natural disaster interfere with your operations and don’t delay a civil, industrial or residential construction schedule because of power issues. Thanks to the expertise of our team and our vast inventory of high performance generators, emergencies are a thing of the past!

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Did you know that AC & Heating Equipment Rental is the expert in generator rentals? It’s not surprising, since we offer a vast inventory of generators of all types, both diesel and gas.

AC&H Equipment Rental’s generators are there to meet all your energy needs, whether in the wake of an emergency or to help you better plan specialized work. They can be used to electrify a construction site, power your home or factory during a power outage, or provide a quick power source for all your temporary facilities. Whatever the challenge and your context, AC & Heating Equipment Rental will recommend the equipment best suited to your needs, to be delivered quickly wherever you are.

delivery everywhere in ontario and quebec.

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