Ventilation unit rentals.
Delivery everywhere in ontario and quebec.

Rent our mobile ventilation units to ventilate your commercial and industrial spaces or to maximize the ambient comfort during your events. Our experts will recommend the right solution for your needs, delivered to the location of your choice anywhere in the province.

Hygiene, security, comfort

Even temporary, ventilation is key >

You need to set up an auxiliary ventilation system within your premises or you’d like to add some wow factor to your next event? Our commercial fans are easy to use and suitable wherever air renewal is limited. Our team of air treatment experts will be happy to conduct a free evaluation of your environment to suggest the safest and most appropriate ventilation equipment for your use, all in compliance with current health and safety regulations.

Strong, reliable and adjustable, fixed or free-standing, our air ventilation units provide all the fresh air required in enclosed spaces. They can also evacuate air from a room, help sanitize the environment or speed up drying after a disaster. Our units are carefully selected by our experts from the best brands on the market and are generally equipped with HEPA filters to eliminate harmful particles in the air like tobacco smoke, dust, mites, pollen, etc. They meet hygiene requirements and maximize your comfort, regardless of the building conditions and the overall temperature, humidity and filtration levels.

Temporary customized ventilation solutions

Commercial – Industrial – Residential – Events

When it comes to ventilation, your needs are often temporary and best served by renting high-capacity, high-performance equipment. From Montreal to Quebec City and across the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, our teams travel directly to your door to deliver and install the equipment best-suited to your needs. Choose our add-on solutions with no other commitment than your full satisfaction.

Delivery everywhere in ontario and quebec.

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