Refrigerated and frozen trailer rentals.
Delivery everywhere in ontario and quebec.

Available in various lengths to fit your needs and your location, our refrigerated and frozen mobile trailers are designed to meet your timely needs and can be delivered anywhere in the province.

Storage, refrigeration, sanitation

With our trailers, the solution comes to you >

Are you organizing or taking part in an event where food will be served? Is an outage threatening the preservation of fresh or frozen food? Do you need backup storage for your commercial or industrial activities?

Discover the easy, convenient and cost-effective solution to keep your food fresh, whether it’s for a few days, a few weeks, a few months or even more…!

Refrigerated trailer solutions for temporary locations

Commercial – Industrial – Residential – Event

AC & Heating Equipment Rental services are always on the move to fulfill a key need of temporary activities held in locations without access to safe air and/or refrigeration systems. You don’t have to be a food truck to call on our services!

delivery everywhere in ONTARIO and quebec.

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